Forum Pinning bug


I have the event calendar pinned globally, but each time I check the post it automaticly becomes unpinned. Very annoying to have to re pin it every time I check the calendar.


Go to your settings, find the interface option. Scroll to the bottom, uncheck the box that says unpin when reach the bottom.


Thank you, I feel like this shouldn’t even be an option.


It is very irritating, i had the same problem and ran across a thread wirh the solution


Okay, I’ve done that but it’s still unpinning after some time. Is there ANOTHER setting somewhere?


Ive just looked all over the settings and didnt see anything else that would do it. Sorry :frowning: mine havent unpinned since i unchecked that box


Might be worth simply bookmarking the thread, so it can be found easily


Once adjusting the setting, you have to click the pin next to the thread to re-pin it. Refresh, and the thread will then reorder itself back to the top and thus far has stayed put for me.