Forum & icons for forum users

Hey all,

This is going to be a forum related post only.

Would it be a silly idea to have icons next to your Forum name?
I used to like the cake icon a lot because it was the only icon I got on the Forums, and I was wondering if we could get icons as an option.

Apparently, many people come to the forums (often) and I thought personalising the forum and sith would be cool.
Any opinion is welcome here.

What yo think?

Don’ thinks know about that but would like to be able to change my name

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yeah I’v been just thinking about it, and it could be just a badge (It doesn’t have to be a name change, but adding a badge or something next to the name or under the name etc)

Edit: it can be something similar to Github

I agree, for example, it would help the community if I had little icons or badges next to my name which identified things about me like “tactical genius”, “wealth of knowledge” and “incredibly helpful”.

I suspect I’d also be given “borderline narcissist” and “overly sarcastic” to go with them…


Namechange is very welcome. Hell, I’m surprized it’s not there. I’m not against icons, but don’t feel like they’ll add too much.

I can’t decide whether you are being sarcastic or being serious

Me neither…

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I wouldn’t be happy with name changes (but it’s not like I don’t want to change my username though - just once)

People would change names constantly and pretending to be someone else

I wonder what I would get if badges next to names were implemented :thinking:

Forum admins can set titles, and used to do so back when Kalishane was around. For example,

A couple people in this thread have a title of ‘Regular’.

Which brings the question, how do we get titles? Do we submit a request for a specific title, or is it earned?

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I don’t know about those who got the title ‘Regular’, because I’m sure they never requested it. But those with ‘Content Creator’ and so on are by request.

Come on now, atleast use the common sense to put like a 30 days cooldown on it.

You can’t change your name under ‘Preferences’? I can, and assumed from logs that others can also do it.

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That doesn’t change my forum name (Jaxxyyy), it just changes the name others see when they hover my avatar for example.

So does that mean I can have the title of “Weeb” ? Or is there a list of titles?

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Ah, see I can change either.

Me too,I regret going with all capital letters

There is a list

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