Forgot To Cashin the royal flush :-(

Hey guys

I forgot to cash in the royal flush, had some crash and then ye lost 100 royal flush :frowning: was going for 100 basils and long shift at work and it crashed some time and forgot it :frowning: nothing to do now ?

Yeah, there’s nothing you can do.


Me too, there’s too many stupid events going on, need a personal assistant or need to play like a full time job. I still have kendema bags too. Oh well, one more reason to give less of a shit about this game…


Missed out pal gone forever just like our Chihuahua plushies :pensive:


Least we forget our poor departed Chihuahua Plushies

@OpportunistXL I have done the same, I was not fussed with the Prizes vs Effort ratio of the last Kendama even, so hung onto my bags, to me this seems like an event that they will run again, so I am pretty confident we will get some use from them.


Message support and explain your game was crashing. Use this as a 2nd opportunity to get war cans instead of trainers

Sorry bud🤗

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