Forget gov say hello koa

Forget gov guys koa breaks the meta lads look at that 85ap heal self only and parting shot pooh boi he’s brake the meta gov is useless noow


Koa is going to break the game though. Better than green disarm bruce and Erika combined. Scopley why do you make such an op toon?


Scopely and IUGO, good stuff

I don’t think this quite tops the Shiva crying from last year, but it’s a pretty excellent April Fool’s Day joke


I would say RTS toons since they are “Road to Survival” #1

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Koa is pure garbage but the one thing we do know for sure is he will arrive before the Governor does.

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Nah gov can’t beat him gov would just die lol koa is op af this anyway koa is the son of gator and Caroline basically :slight_smile:


Yeah, that 85 ap no damage rush. So op.

Seriously this has to be a joke. Who designed this turd? He’s got to be the next free toon right and even then doees anyone really want him? lol


He’s called April fools
Probably some scope dev hit the crack again

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Just keep him for shits and giggles I guess hell be like gator again he make u laugh so much u time out literally laughed my ass off when i saw him


Step aside 5 star gator. We have a new overlord in the form of 6 star koa

No gator is the father of koa in this situation koa is jesus

Just a small hunch, but I’m guessing he’s going to be the first 6* human shield.

I think the parting shot specialist skill is just a placeholder.

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Could also be something entirely new. Placeholders are often used for abilities that haven’t been released yet that or that they don’t want leaked, such as with blue Glenn getting waste not, stf2 Abraham getting decapitate, and kirkman rick getting +100% ap.

Gator is a close second but I think you meant 6-star Shane. Because next to Koa Shane looks good. Real good.

The best part of all this is you know he’s gonna be a premier recruit. It’s hilarious that someone over at Scopes thinks people will spend money for him.

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Why would McKenzie as a revive turn 4 active skill be worth while. Revives can go turn three if commanded. Silly really.

Mackensie having revive on her active allows for unpredictablity of your going against you don’t want her going off because you know she revives at a certain time to be honest it’s a decent active skill better than Jesus’s and better than most healers except Erika

Anyway made my first koa meme



Not sure it’s so unpredictable. Unless I’m reading it wrong can’t charge until her fourth turn. Which means McKenzie will be dead most likely.

If you ignore the Telltale Aspect, he most-likely would be the son
of Gator and Christa :slight_smile: