Forced Weapon Swap Tutorial Bug?

Android player here, after the “Update” I keep getting a Unwanted Forced 5* weapon swap tutorial popping up.

I just 5*'d my Slater’s weapon and now I keep getting this whenever I try to use him.

I do not want to put another weapon on him, I FINALLY after the 20th time got the impair - elusive stat I want on it and making me swap to a different weapon really sucks ass.

Now if I go through this stupid tutorial will it cost me armory tokens to reverse it back to his original weapon. Also is there a way I can stop this tutorial from popping up besides force stopping the game or disassembling the 5* weapon they want me to swap it with?


Have you opened a ticket with support?

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No not yet I wasn’t sure if it was a bug or not so I figured I’d ask here first before messaging them.

They will only give you the run around

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why are you using slater


Why not he is cool and useful

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That’s the big question. Not only he use him but he upgraded his weapon and used too many tokens to get impair on him.

he will literally be oneshot by hengyen

yeah its weird

Sorry not all of us have deep pocket teams or in a good bucket so we have to run with the toons we have :man_shrugging: and running a command revive helps.

If I had an s class command I’d run them instead. But it’s slow going lol

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Who the hell uses Hengyen? :joy::joy::joy:

He can be S class. Slater cannot be.

He sucks.


Even more for defense lol

Pot kettle

Nah I’m not the one saying one of the best attacking toons is garbage. You think slater is good, so hard to take you seriously :joy:

I must question everything you say considering you worship Hengyen.

I love sexy Asian men what can I say

You can just switch it back I did with Zander

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