Forced Updaes need to stop


Please stop forcing updates while we are in the middle of a stage. Forcing it should ONLY happen in the Town area imo. I was doing nightmare stage 5 of the Red fl@g roadmap. Literally, had one rush left to win, and then freeze! Update Now! Wtf?!

That’s a lot of wasted energy, but more importantly, it screws up my chances to finish the roadmap at all. I’m not in a full faction and so i have to use the supporter available to me very wisely. I should have been able to finish the last stage after the cooldown, but now i have redo stage 5 instead. And due to schedule, i won’t be able to play when the cooldown finishes a 2nd time.

So thanks for the forced update. This isn’t the first time I’ve been in the middle of a very expensive energy stage when my game froze and forced me to abandon and update. This should NEVER happen. But it happens to me frequently. And i know it does to others as well. More piss poor coding if you ask me…


Guess what support might offer as compensation?

Smelling salts and keep on surviving


Don’t you know that scopely does not give a shit, their response is purely “keep on surviving”

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