Forced to be uncompetitive


Well as much as I enjoy playing this game it’s starting to feel as if the game no longer wants me. I’ve gone from been one of the top guys in my faction and top 50 in the region to being completely left behind simply because I cannot pull Carl. I like everyone else in the game pulled multiple mirabelles during that’s stupid game breaking gear wheel event, however as my best toons and crafted weapons are all melee based it’s left me unable to compete. While everyone who was running ranged based teams was gifted a great 6* leader, us melee based teams without a Carl are now completely and utterly stuck playing the waiting game for our luck to change before we can get back to enjoying the game. Majorly unfair that the lucky prosper while the hard workers suffer.


Holy Shit I’ve been hearing about this meta but wasn’t aware it was so widespread.

Thank you for the info / feedback TreeFiddy


Variety is the biggest thing I’ve learned to focus on since playing starting this game. It is pretty brutal that the majority of people are running the same two leads and if you don’t have at least one you’re stuck in the past.




I’ve pulled 4 Mirabelles in a row but CS keeps telling me it’s random. I hear ya OP. I’m pulling again over the next 2 days. How much you want to bet it’s a Mirabelle. Scopely wasn’t ready for 6*’s. They released them too soon. I expected a new one every week from my long list of 5*’s. At the very least an ascendable 6* from the old 5*’s every month. :frowning:


New legendary leaders will help to diversify teams:) It will come with time but I do agree with you that it is not coming as quickly as we all want and as the competitive edge of the game supports.


Same here, 4 abs defense weapon, have ascended zeke and negan, lost barker multiple times, and my other ascendable are boobs, Shane and ty. Can’t stand a chanse without proper leader :frowning:


Thanks for the reply Shane. The imbalance caused by the mass give away of mirabellescould easily be resolved by putting Carl as say a reward for completing Legendary in a SUrvival road tournament etc. This obviously wouldn’t solve the problem of the lack of variety, but it would at least bring some melee/ranges balance to the game and allow those of us left behind by bad luck on pulls to remain on par and competative.


The thing is, people on the opposite end of the spectum have the same issue. I do think Carl is the more rare or the two though


Mirabelle was the only toon in a wheel that anyone playing the game daily had at least 30 pulls from. Every single person in my faction got a minnimum of 2, some recievied 4-5. Carl is not uncommon as is in multiple wheels, but was still not given away as mirabelle was.


I agree with you, I’m just saying some poor souls don’t even have boobs :frowning:


We need more lead options and overall 6s toon expansion.

Mirabell and carl are default leads as they affect range and melee respectively.

The other leads are either pay only or locked to a single trait, for which we do not have enough options to round off a team with unique characters. That’s y we are stuck in this terrible mode of u either have carl or u dont.


I think that AP negan, glen, etc are still viable leads


I use AP Negan :strong: on attack constantly. He is my :baguette_bread: and butter.


Offense wise, you don’t need a Carl/Mirabelle lead to keep up. Having a team that can dish out debuffs help immensely with the high stats of 6*s. I think why many “top” players had difficulty with the new meta switch was that their original teams were mainly focused on pure damage and momentary distractions, rather than weakening the enemy offensively and defensively for the punch.

As such, SR Zeke’s AR is not as effective as say Prestige Michonne’s/Connie’s AR vs 6*s.


On offense yes but if on defense u are going in with 5s without a defense boost they are easy prey. Most 6s are in that weird place where they aren’t really helped by ap gain leaders on defense unless u have a lot of ap weapons.

Even with carl lead, Once tier 4 are more common I’ll be benching my priya and be running exclusively 6s line up. Sadly there may not be anyone to battle by then as more and more players have lost interest and left the game.


Use five star yellow Clementine she’s almost the same thing and available from ascending four stars


I think it depends on the level at which you’re playing the game. Top 5 faction, you pretty much need a 6* lead. Outside of that and you’re okau


No shit. I pulled both, and only recently got Carl ascended, but my division in toons is so wide spread my teams are a literal HodgePodge that can do great on attack but defensively are a fucking train wreck.

We need more options for free leads, and good ones, or this meta will be just as stale as the old Turn 1 Win or Quad Andrea.


Yeah she is a good alternative for those without carl. But man carls ap gain active is beast and a decent healer to boot. He basically hit my marks for a solid toon.