For you weapon mod guru’s out there

Is it worth getting huge attacking ap for an extra 2 ap? Or should I go all in on attack?

If it makes any difference I’m planning to use it on ivanova (s-class)

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It is worth to get that extra 2.

Depends on the character/team you plan to use it on.

For some strategies, the 2 AP difference won’t matter.

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Say you use ivanova lead and your toon has 76 ap rush. That’ll be huge ar when attacking from leader and very large from weap. So that’s 38 ap per hit. Either way your toon will be ready to rush t3 or t2 with command.
For most toons vlage is good enough.


I think you should try for it once at least before you upgrade it to five.Obviously after being offered three more chances you probably will try anyway again

Not necessarily. You can also hit the 4th slot then bump attack twice.

I went for just keeping it at V.Large.
The 5% difference I can get is much bigger than 5% when combined with everything else.
(thanks to @Jim_Mac for making me aware that each craft is considered as seperate multipliers)
So for example a weapon with 45%, 10% per green toon (say 3 green toons), lets say a couple of 35/15s and a 40% lead skill would have an attack increase of 270.8% (1.3x1.05x1.05x1.05x1.15x1.15x1.1x1.1x1.1x1.4 = 3.708)
Whilst the same as above but with a 50% weapon would give a 289.4% increase (3.708x1.05). So a 5% increase in this case actually gives an 18.6% difference. It would be even more with more greens, more 15/35s or an in battle attack buff.
Imo that will make more of a difference on average than the rare occurrence where you need 2ap extra.
Now don’t get me wrong - i don’t for a minute assume Earl will give me 2 more 5%s and if either fail they will be 3%s. But if an ap craft fails it won’t even be that - itll be worth nothing.

not bad a top crit plus two other crits in a row It seems pretty nice

Technically math is a little different here and this is me just being picky

(( base attack X (1.4 x 1.15 x1.15) x 1.3 x 1.05 x1.05 x 1.05) + mods) x 1.3 (for the limited time buff)

Try whatever you want if your account is between the blessed ones you will get whatever you want, if your account is between the sucky ones you will get two pounds of turds

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Ah of course the in battle boost would obviously apply after the additive mods since it it occuring afterwards, i intentionally didn’t include mods tbf as I didn’t want to make it more complex.
What confuses me us why is the 10% per green buff an additive multiplier but the crafts are a multiplitive multiplier? It would be nice if they just kept it consistent across the board.
I didn’t include the base attack as I was working out the percentage increase.

I send Earl the greatest apologies for my doubt.
And to make it even better:

The boys done good (for once).

It won’t be as good as yours as it’s stun not healing stun - but I’m chuffed enough :slight_smile:

Update. Earl decided he’d had enough of my bs… should I reset and try again or just upgrade it to 5*…

Note: by reset I mean just try on a different reinforced katana… stun weapons are invaluable to me and I’ll take as many as I can get.

Leave it as it is, and try crafting another one of these if you have a couple left. Perhaps with more “luck”.