For you guys who still need your compensation

This is for those who used Benedicts to level Andrea and didn’t get enough of them back in return.

Scopely has you.


Um… We all got 8 if she was a 6s…

So what’s the point of this thread?

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Only 1 in stock?!?

What the fuck :disappointed_relieved:

And how many did people use to level her up after the ascension?

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I used 40+ leveling her. Only got 8 back in return

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:rofl: :joy: LOL

I used way too many also… Currently going back and forth with support to get them back, or my account rolled back. Funny how bad they treat paying customers. Deffo not keeping a subscription going and heading F2P it looks like :man_shrugging:t2::roll_eyes:

It is somehow our fault that thier developers are morons… Not sure how but they sure believe it is

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Seems so. Aw well, it was fun while it lasted :blush:

Jb mentioned that a rollback might happen. That’s your fault for using all of your trainers. We all knew she was meant to need comics to upgrade.

They gave the 3s crates for the leveling.

3* trainers in crates cost way more food when leveling and also can’t be used to ascend 5*…good thing I knew better and didn’t use any Bennys or basil’s lol I always laugh when people rush to forums to show scopes they are being generous…knowing they will immediately stop it…we are all truly the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over (coming to forums to complain ) and expecting a different result than scopea saying "keep on surspending

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