For those with Aris, how will you upgrade her weapon?

Just wondering what people’s ideas are. Keep reflect? Get rid of the AP rush? Switch def with something else?

Personally, I may keep reflect, keep defense, but switch AP rush with HP to make her even tankier.

Absolute defense, AP on attack and +5% defense


Oh man, absolute defense would be sick instead of reflect! I may have to work on that throughout her growth! Yup, I think ya just gave me a great idea for her. Pair her with Wyatt and Maggie, Zeke and maybe Michonne and omg. So many ideas! Good one dude!

This. The most flexible build IMO.

well her AR is slow but she’s tanky so absolute defense Huge bonus to AP when attacking and maybe defending or more defense

AP when taking damage is not reliable and even more with absolute defense. Moreover, you’ll lose the defense bonus

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This or the 8% bonus ap to all would be the only builds I considered if I had her.