For those of you that have Survivors Club Andrea maxed, how long did it take?

I’ve seen a few teams that use a 6 star tier 4 level 90 andrea. How long did it take you to get all the comics?

one trip to vk.


Sadly but true…

In the meantime, maxing her out could cost you 5 months, after that I don’t think the SC will give you a good value for those 25, so if you want SC max andrea and then leave.

BTW on the black market the 20 comics could cost between 30-40 bucks…

I signed up from the get go and my Andrea is six star, tier 3 and has 25/40 comics to upgrade to tier 4


to give an actual answer on how fast it could be done…
first, how many comics does it take to t4-6* andrea? 114.
t1-5*>t2-5* = 4
t2-5*>t3-5* = 12
t1-6*>t2-6*= 16
t2-6*>t3-6*= 28
t3-6*>t4-6*= 40
how fast can you earn said comics?
once a week you get 3 bags. the 3 bags come with r n g odds at 2/3/4 comics per bag. seeing as were looking at how fast it can be done, we will assume your the luckiest man under the stars and pull 4/4/4 EVERY week (most have been 2/2/2. my best week was a 3/3/2).
that is 12 comics per week.
114/12=9.5, seeing as you cant get a half a week, that rounds up to 10 weeks. sc came out towards the end of november?

its highly unlikely that someone has LEGIT t4 her yet. it is “possible” but that person needs to run out and buy loto tickets.

hope this helps.
(just did this weeks map and again, 2/2/2… eff this club. currently at 14/40. have been signed up since day 1)

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Mine is tier 3 and got 10/40 comics for laat upgrade. Odds to get more then 2 comics per bags is really bad.

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Im at 17/40 and played since day one also

27/40…obviously from beginning.

Assume you will only 6 a week, which will be 19 weeks to max, so $125.

Its possible to get in under 16 weejs if rng favors you and only cost you $100, but I wouldn’t count on it.



3-4 more weeks of winter

For some, the day she came out since Scopely failed to take away everyone’s leveled up Andrea.


You’re doing better than me. I was day one also and am T3 with 9 comics. It drops 2 comics almost every time for me

I heard that not everyones got rolled back but I have no proof of this

That is true. I saw screenshots of people with a maxed out Andrea only weeks after she came out.

I got my Andrea to T3 then as a screw you for spending since day 1 on membership I single pulled shield Jesus lol

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Between 1 and 71 years … keep surviving @High_Power
If you take it to the “TeAm” good enough then maybe less between 1and 51 years :sweat_drops::sweat_drops::sweat_drops::eggplant:

Would be a shame if a character like Bruce became readily* available just before everyone maxed their Andreas…

*sort of readily available

SC from day one still 28 comics short but not done this weeks so probably 22 to go still

Wasn’t that long till the last tier.2months maybe.And nope I got 2 comics a buttload of times.

Mine is T3 and im at 22comics, so just one more SC membership and she will be maxed.

I’m using her along with Jesus shield and it seems like a good partnership.