For this war coming, make it a 5* character (that is not in the 5* wheel) for the top 5 faction


Please and thank you (they don’t have to be the best 5*)


Noone needs bad 5 stars…


I would rather get a rare 5* even if there bad then 5* tokens


I’d prefer an ascendable 5* or even a 6* personally


I have an itchin suspicion it’ll be one of the 5*s on the projected ascendable list. And considering they gave out an ascendance result character (I still don’t know how to term that) for CRW I wouldn’t doubt they might do one of the depot guys like Gov or Glenn. But I hope for the sake of anyone who has a chance (not me) of coming in on top gets one of the less common ones on the list.


it will most likely lol


I’m thinking the same, if it’s an already released character, I think it should come as a 6*


Let say they do give 6*, the only faction that will get the 6* will be the 1st place faction and that will be unfair for the others.


That’s the reward for getting first. Give it as a base 5* to second and give a solid non ascendable 5* for 3rd.


I call those the region bullies, I’m sadly getting to a point where I’m beating mine, but the faction I’m in isn’t up to par.


What would you have the reward structure look like then?


Hmm I get both sides here. Giving a 6* sorta makes sense to me because, well it makes up for the fact that, you don’t have to win THIS war to get the 5* and make the 6*. Like with Siddiq, at the start of the war he becomes ascendable. It’s likely some had the 5* maxed and were able to immediately make him a 6*. They didn’t even need to win the war, heck it barely started. Giving out a 6* makes winning him feel like a greater accomplishment compared to just the 5* that people already had before it began.

But… putting 6s up top as prizes further forces the gap between 5 teams and 6* teams. There’s a considerable difference of usability from out of the box and even greater difference when leveled. In today’s game a 5* needs to be t4 to be up to par, heck we are getting to the point where THAT isn’t even enough. A 6* from the getgo is better stat wise. I think they will get to that point eventually, when they start giving straight up 6s as top prizes. But I don’t believe it’s best to do that NOW. Only because there’s still so many lacking 5 ascendable options.


That’s part of why I was saying the 5* version would make sense for 2nd place. In essence it allows the 2nd place faction to have the same prize, but they need to put more effort into getting it. It’s balanced from the quality perspective, but lesser from the work invested perspective.


Gator isnt in the wheel is he :laughing:


Good old gator!


That would honestly make my day. I’m so worried he is going to be awesome


He will be a human shield lol


They should make Kal first prize toon.


2nd Erin