For the people mad they're getting only one badge per raid

Just have to raid more and you can get more then only one so be thankful we can farm them at all


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You lucky

Six more raids. I upgraded from 1 to 4. This is bullshit.

It‘s better than nothing.

No, it’s just plain insulting. Would it break the bank for them to drop 5 every raid? You seem to keep forgetting the second stash costs 375 tokens per pull.

You’re not supposed to complete the second stash unless you pay in-game

Didn’t say compete but it shouldn’t be completely locked behind a paywall. I think about 10 pulls would be fair. You know the shitty current deal is over 10 bucks for 2 opens in the store. That will net you 50-600 tokens. You know with weighted rng the chances at 600 from them is less than 1%. Its 375 per pull on the second stash. No one should be expected to spend hundreds if not a thousand to open it. That’s bullshit and you need to stop accepting it.

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is it only like this for hilltop or was it the same for other ones what?

I’m happy enough to get Rick without paying, and the second stash’s gear is grindable, I think it’s legit

Ive done 24 rsids that netted me a total of 6 badges. RNG is total BS.

Basically if i want more buy cans and raid more. If they were going to drop from raids why not have put them in the faction raid tourny we just had. They waited knowing factions go hard for tourny and those ridiculous milestones mean you have to burn to reach. So if you want the second stash you can obtain it if you are willing to spend. It will not be available to FTP. One way or another you will have to spend. Even if you have raid cans socked away be ready to burn those up too. Better hurry raid drops are only for a limited time so grinding away till the end is a misguided concept. Only for this week go!!!

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Hell I was happy with the 1 and 10 badges I didn’t think ya can get 100 thanks scoply!

Sort of annoyed actually buy the 100 drop

I’ve been stockpiling for a while so I thought what the hell I’ll go blow 30 cans and see what I come up with

The largest drop I’ve seen was three

It’s sort of breaks the competition if one colony gets a little luckier and gets more 100 drops which is 30 times higher than Any drop I’ve seen


I‘m simply not greedy.


Ok, sure. You make me laugh. Keep drinking that Koolaid!

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Best I’ve had. Only doing natural energy raids. I Wont be using refills on this until we get a raid event.