For the Pathetic women kicked from the library

Hi… I saw your post yesterday where you were screaming for attention and playing the victim because you were “kicked for saying Hi” … let’s get some facts straight.

  • We provide the library as a courtesy to this community.

  • The mods and I volunteer our own time to maintain and help out in there.

  • We have two libraries with almost 800 people in there and have one set of guidelines for both chats.

That being said… You spamming the chat because you think we need to realize it’s a game just shows you are self-centered and inconsiderate. Not only did one of us have to take time out of our day to deal with you, you inconvenienced the 483 other people in there that actually utilize the information provided.

You ask… what’s the big deal? Because your little temper tantrum let’s others think they can act the same way or causes a couple dozen other people to respond to your bad behavior. Which then spams the chat and causes the mods and I to have to say something.

Just wanted to clarify what exactly happened yesterday, next time get your facts straight.

Thanks, Lizzy :blush: