For the love of the game we need consistency

I’m writing this as I have just grown so frustrated with the game in recent months.
It seems every time you make a meaningful step forward, you seem to stop to pat yourselves on the back, and forget to put your handbrake on and just roll down the hill you were just driving up.

This week has been the perfect example of this, you finally introduced daily rewards, but by doing so you neglected other aspects of the game, like sr rewards being rng based, which one of your developers has outright said this should not be the case for prizes (the best one of my faction got was a single basil the rest was Brady or burts and we finished first).
Now this brings me to war this weekend. You were to busy congratulating yourselves for making rewards slightly better than last Crw (which isn’t that much of an achievement). You forgot to notify us of the last minute change that it was now 6vs 6. This is a kick in the balls for active factions, as people like myself with slow Internet who play peak hours now struggle majorly to even make it into one war, with as many as 14 people In the war roster for 6 places. Let’s not forget that of course you have removed world cans from rewards at the end of the match because they are valuable at the moment.

Regions are hemorrhaging players at an unsustainable rate, and as there does not seem to be a fix for region merging, you are simply leaving active players to die in their respective regions, or try to start new in a different region and try to overcome a ridiculous power gap all the time knowing if they spend their money on the game you might decide to invalidate it all overnight without prior notice.

We as a community are tired of your bullshit and just want a base level of consistency.
You have a good base of players here on the forums do a little market research on us, ask us what we want or need In the game before you decide to fix things that are not broken *cough * gear maps.


As much as I agree with you, you keep wasting your time on the forums…All scopely has demonstrated is not listening.


Bravo sir, perfectly sums up the feelings of me and a lot of the people i play with

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Scopely hates us.

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I agree. But like the ones before I can only say the same. This forum is just a board where they show the announcements and to give the community a false picture that they listen or care. I’ve been playing this game for a while now, and its always the same. You got the forum so you can tell them all the bugs, problems… etc.
You cant say they dont care, they have a forum right. And maybe in 100/1 times they might answer, nothing more then that but maybe. But the truth is that this is juat a big candy bar they hold on in front of you. They know that the cans are missing, that they mess up soo much, that there are cheaters… etc.
But let me ask you… - So What?
They will get leas money from purchases from the game?.. Well not soo much.
Is there going to be some change or punishment for them?.. Well, not really.

So why would they do something? They’re still gwting a lot of money, so they dont have to give a sht.

The worst part is that this would be a really nice game, but they fuxked up too much and they just dont care anymore. It goes as long as the t goes, but thata it.

94% of the people who still plays this game, does it because they are playing with friends, or its too much to lose all that you worked on to achieve.

Ok, that’s enigh positive thoughts for today…
Enjoy the game as long as you can, but never expect anything from syopely really…


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You have to hope they listen no complaining, means they assume everything is alright and they don’t need to change anything

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The guys at IUGO that control the combat aspects of the game do listen, are informative, do fixes, and are well respected by the community.

The folks in Live Ops are the ones dictating the events and rewards. Their goal seems to be to see how poor rewards can be and still maintain the necessary inflow of cash (please correct me if I’m wrong, just going by what I observe). Even if they choose to not participate on the forums given the likely radioactive response :scream:, a nice pinned posting of their reasoning and future plans would be of interest. @Spyder @kalishane @TheWalkerDude


If you can’t make it into war an increased faction communication might work wonders. Those of us having their milestones step out for the ones still in need. We call it teamwork.

We do have consistency. We can consistency count on one solo level up after another.


Now with even shittier rewards! :wink:

Teamwork you say?? Never heard of it .
Get your sarcastic arse out of here.
This is not a thread about teamwork, or how your faction is superior to mine even though i have no idea if this is the case or not ,we don’t just laugh at those who are in the reserves ,
but on day 1 when people dont have milestones yet its inconvenient switching in and out and lets assume we have 14 people o the queue like i have seen, even if we switch the enitre roster each war , we still have 2 who played in neither war, and if these wars go on for the full hour that 2 hrs 20 (with scouting)between each war for them to play and that is assuming no one plays concurrently and no one else logs on in that time period.

so how about the rest of the thread got any gems for me in that should i just not play when rewards are bad?
How about creating a ton of alts to flood my region with new blood, would that help to solve the hemorrhaging player problem?

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Spoken like a true gentleman. Chapeau!