For the love of god!


Scopely give us a farmable ultra rare gear map. This is getting ridicilous. First we have to spend for characters and now you want us to buy gear? What’s next? Are you going to charge us for logging in?This game is losing so many players. Are you doing this on purpose?


I have spent thousands for characters. I refuse to pay a single cent for gear. If they don’t change i take my $ elsewhere.


I need three Night Vision Goggles. Just that, so I can Tier 3 my Wyaat.

He’s close to level 80, and not even that Weekly Gear Map was enough. Not when there was one in which you get a guaranteed gear for a desired Character.

So, PLEASE, not just for me or anybody else, for the whole community: Give us back the normal Gear Map!


That’s 3 more days of the current roadmap, plus the cans it costs. It’s slow walking upgrades for sure. I still have a decent inventory. But yea, it’s rather dumb.


Its not the cans. I can do all 3 maps can free. It’s the fact that we have to do all the maps just to get the gear.

I stopped doing the radio/bag one. Have 35.


The energy costs for everything is starting to not feel worth using cans for anymore :frowning:


All we need is just a little patience. Ooooh yeah


Naa… just make sure you build a good raid and defense team for war !!
and no more lv up , no more waste of $$ , no more pull until this company make some changes.

Fortunatelly … I already got a decent melee and ranged tean to beat 95% of enemy on war, so now, just casual player !!


I’d say no more war either just contests to see who can get the least amount of points! Why are some trying so hard for crap?