For the love of god please update

The whole wheels and depots need a complete overhaul. Everybody wants it so do it. Put some ascendables in survivor markers depot. Remove 4* wheel. Introduce a 6* wheel. Come on do something to move the game forward god damnit


@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely any news on this in the pipeline or blow my tokens now?


The game is as good as it’s ever going to get so take it or leave it. It’s copy and paste rewards with the same tired events over and over.

The only innovation that will come from them is in how to keep the whales spending. That’s it.


Don’t forget the .99 cent off for the poor to pull Burt’s.


Or what about $100 bucks for 39 useless 4-stars and 1 non-ascendable useless 5-star.

What a bargain! :wink:


I’m sure the way u told them to do this, it will.get done right away. These are valid things that a lot may want. But wording the topic like an adult and having a real conversation may catch their eye and and actually read the thread.

Pffft… updating outdated wheels and game modes?


But don’t worry, they are hard at work on a chat filter for a few weeks so… so look forward to that!

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