For the love of god please stop with the splash screens and adverts

For the love of god stop putting these splash screens and adverts up every damn button click

I know you have a new promo up, you know those super rare shinies that not everyone will get but now theres a new one every week

if i have closed the Splash screen or advert once then putting it up again every button click or SR stage completed it not going to make me rush to open my wallet and give you money

Your just pissing me off grrrr


I completely agree with this!! Highly annoying!


The pop ups are one thing. The fact it will take you out of your part of the game (roadmap, survival road…) into the target is another - I try to click as far away from the graphics as possible, but once in 3/4 pop ups, I get dragged to the arrow roadmap (that I already completed), or to Morgan wheel (that I never intend to pull on) or to the arena [arena rewards just increased!] I have already hit…

Bugger off

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Seriously, just had an incident that scared me shitless. Just finished a SR stage and the next had a different trait lock, so was about to tap the button to edit team just as the morgan ad popped up. Not only was I taken directly to the wheel, somehow it recorded my tap on the 40x pull - luckily it was with a notification of “insufficient funds”…

Don’t know what I’d do if I had enough coins for it to drain me of them. :triumph:


I’m with you on this issue. I try to click the x at the top right corner but still end up at the arrow roadmap or wherever. It’s highly annoying. If they want to push pop ups then they should have pop ups saying an event is ending or the museum collection is closing. Then I will be more appreciative of the ads.

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Omg, same thing happen to me. I don’t remember clicking anything but next thing I know it says insufficient funds. For a moment I thought I was looking at my bank account lol

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