For the love of Gee STACK TRAINERS

As per title please make this happen Scopes :hugs:


Simple quality of life fix that would be really helpful but will fall on deaf ears unfortunately.

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More thank likely. Socpe is talking about how multiple low level weapons are taking up database space so they are going to automatically sell them off for us, but somehow multiple trainers isn’t taking up the same space?

I’d think that they could help themselves out (aside from reducing the temptation to buy Survivor’s Club for the roster expansion rental) by stacking the trainers to reduce database load.

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i have over 1500 trash weapons and they aint selling them…
@GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely just stack trainers, weapons and toons with the same stats… make them count as normal as it is now… just stack them like gear, items and sh*t …


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