For the christmas event

Can we please get an event with supreme crates as rewards? @GR.Scopely


Lol you must be high … you see this trash thanksgiving event … I wouldn’t expect much better


On the first day of Christmas, Scopley gave to me.

An overpriced offer and a solo Level Up


WTF is a supreme crate? that could have anything inside


Probably referring to the supreme crates from the Piper event, that had billions of Benedicts in them.


Thats why i am asking in advance… we can always hope! It was one of the best rewards given out and it benefited everyone.

With all the mishaps these days, figured it would be a nice gesture to rebuild some faith…



Apparently, it’s Christmas everyday!!!


Im still wait for 6* green santa negan, id we see him.

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10 benedicts 20k coins, 25 maxed gold mods, 25 maxed platinum mods (I mostly got benedicts. Platinum and gold should be rare to. 25% each. Forgot the 25 platinum mods. How about 10 Lilith.


Theyll do one for April fools day will have deluxe replenish instead or 1 survivor

Didn’t pete come out after or before pathaways? Pathaways was the only event. Deadass I want another event like

Horde stash had 10 trainers. But hordes are empty.

It’s not the season of giving for these fools is the season of taking what you can give them.
And once you learn that simple lesson then you will stop asking for things that you know that they’re not going to give you unless you pay for it.

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We’re all getting coal this year

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that would be cool i have him.

The Piper event was one that we customers actually liked and was successful. Why would they possibly repeat anything like that? :smirk:


I had actually peaked my spending during that event because getting all of those benedicts was amazing.


@GR.Scopely @TayTron

Whoever has been organizing these last few events, please request they leave the room when finalizing the Christmas event.

Straight forward start and end point would be great, no more convoluted mechanics.

Holiday season and family time with the occasional check in on the game, not occasional check in on the family.

After the last few months of constant fuck ups, let’s end the year on a positive note.

Merry Christmas

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How about everyone comes up with the worst idea for an event they can think of (yes even worse than the Harvest one) and begs Scopely for that. Then maybe we’ll confuse them and they’ll give us something decent for a change.

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This so called event benefits noone really except maybe people first starting the game

I heard people mentioning world cans shortage.

So expect a multi-week event with a top prize like 5 world cans and “exclusive” offers like 750 gold for 10.

And they will say smth like: “we take our players feedback seriously…”