For owners of League Stephanie

Is she Worth it? I haven’t seen her at all but I wanna know if anyone does have her. Is she good?

No she have no purpose in this meta
But she have cute glasses


I saw her once, an upgraded version on a defence team when I was avenging a low level team mate. I cobbled her in Seconds, I guess if you are new and need a blue 6 star toon, then hay go for it, but otherwise I would save my Tokens, Imho the best buy this season is Camellia, yes she gets spanked by James, but still I have found plenty of things for her to do, on Surivial road, road maps, and arena’s.

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She is useless, save them tokens

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completely useless toon


She looks like Velma of scooby doo


I’ve maxed her, occasionally use on SR but not used anywhere else.
To be fair I havent even tried her in my teams :upside_down_face:

Uses jackets/caps to level up and as I’ve stocked up on those it didnt really cost me anything

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Unfortunately all the good toons have been released in the past. And the past 2 seasons there weren’t really good toons in my opinion. Sure a lot have needed this disarm Earl, also I went for Camila. But who knows what’s happening next season.


She’s kind of useful behind a shield, but besides that, she’s a bit of a buzzkill.

I’m using her, but gonna replace pretty soon once I get something better. She’s okay for control, nothing special.

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