For more challenge and balance, payback toon should be include din next war wheel

Some teams are just easy to beat in 2 turns using doc and command, that’s why for more challenge payback should be included in next war wheel, thank you.


Lol no
Using payback and a shield u can kill most s class teams easily

Princess exists.

lol ,want a challenge? Play for free and have commoners luck. You’ll get all the challenge your heart can handle and it’ll be balanced out with getting your ass kicked swiftly and spectacularly


swipe left with priceness

I agree. Also its a good time for scopely to release a payback s class. Maybe make him dual specialist with bide or command. That would be very popular.

No to sclass payback
But yes to payback in war wheels or 5star wheel.

Lovely additions


Isn’t that the whole point of the toons it prevents that toon from rushing like pryia with her multi attack

Yes, but im talking on offense, a fac mate uses a team with two paybacks and one tank (3toons) for war and he wins almost every battle

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I m waiting for a toon with normalise all lol

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Payback to the league store.

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Nobody needs payback toons, I want attack toons

Disarm 2.0 takes away 5* weapon boosts

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simple repley … N0 thanks

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