For gods sake fix the territories!


Since the last update, all territories have the same anoying bug, the game crashes during my attacks and when i try a new attack the game cant find a opponent , that message keeps oping up and i lose the goddamn territory…



@JB.Scopely please give a feedback


Well, I hit a Personal Best just moments ago… 6 crashes and 6 energy lost out of 10.

Seems a waste of time to keep bringing this up, this has to be longest unresolved running bug in the game. I’ve just accepted it as part of the game that I’ll normally lose 2-3 energy every time I hit territories - So sad.


@JB.Scopely this issue causes so much drama, fix it. This needs to be fixed now.


Get better internet connection


Um? This happens to nearly everyone, everywhere. Internet connection is not the issue.


If you say so.



Xgen what a loser


Its not internet clown.

Happens to many people and i can promise you between having just fine a signal on my phones regular service to when im jacked into my home wifi which i run console and pc games through is plenty well enough for bullshit ass mobile walking dead way more then enough and it still happens.

Almost like some of these idiots think themselves stock holders and have to throw shade and cast doubt on anything that might look bad for Scopely less their stocks might shift a few pennies on any given day…

Get a clue cause your wrong.


My game crashes everyday. Just did it 3 times in a row.


So pitiful you can’t afford better internet or phone service. Must be f2p.



Prolly best if they just remove it entirely


Agreed, it’s not worth it


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