For Fun- Your best Common Access Weapon


As said, lets lay out the standards:

  1. Cannot have a Trait specific item unless it came with the item (Stun Deagles, Stun Shiva Claws, Impair Shotguns, etc)

  2. Not a must, but lets see finished crafts and Legendary Tier weapons.

  3. You do not have to divulge who, why, or even if you have a reason. This is for fun and to see what potential horrors lurk out there Armaments wise.

First submission will go to me I suppose:

Any number of toons could use this and its kind of a killjoy when on a Mira lead team toon. Def the most fun I had building a wep in recent memory.


So you mean it can’t be a weapon like priya’s rapier?


Used 5 of those for a long time on my Dwight led tough team! Nice one!


Yeah, I can’t tell if he’s saying yes to stun deagle or no to stun deagle.


Says it had to come with it… So I think the rapier is allowable…?


That’s a rare one.

I like the design of Jesus’s rifle.


I’ve always had a fondness for my 1st purple weapon

And recently a perfect AD weapon


40% attack!


My favorite was Jesus’s Piercing Sword.







Created this for turn 1 yellow team, that is now pointless.



Wtf sheesh… Remind me to stay away from your region…


I’ve got a few more lol


Not purple, but it does the job on zeke.


for my 6* Tyreese. Would of been better if I had gotten 40 atk

This works very well on my Zeke

Love having this on my 6* Negan