For anyone who is complaining about Koa

Simple solution(p2p) just put depot gov or winter Richard behind Madison

Simple solution #2(f2p) Mirabelle lead with depot gov

Also just a thought: green negan 6* might actually have some use now since he deals unreversable damage( unless they have tripp but who uses him on a melee team) and he can also hold a stun on attack weapon.


Who is complaining about KOA? maybe complaining about how useless he will be.


I think a green sheild would be great if they had def down on defnse - 35 decent and any form of defense down on a six star is good but koa can’t just heal him self and have a heal active skill
6* sheilds need a taunt or confuse skill with a very decent ar

Yep. Doesn’t matter the shield, they will all die the same

Anything is a punching bag but we cant just have tanks not be tanks not be tanks they need to make a viable sheild weather ppl like it or not
I mean for all we know they could make Andrea ascendble which would be scary because then what returns the one the only Andrea meta on the form of 6* tyresses point is game is at that point so maybe a rework to specialist skills can be done right
Scopley have ever only buffed one toon and theft was 5* josh because when he was promo he did 350% damge now he does 500% so scopeley can buff and nerf they just choose not too

All this hate on Koa really makes me want to put a stop on my Dwight video and do a Koa one to explain his usefulness to certain team comps that can shine now.


Two faction mates have already pulled him on 10 pulls lmao
Edit: Make that a third lol

Someone else is starting to see his potential @Vetramont .

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Gov makes that AP gain useless though

Honestly investing in characters with Gaurdian 2 or Taunt tanks are better choices. Carl lead, Zeke, Dante, Shiva, Maggie remains the best melee team for defense. And most of those are free, swap out Dante with Wyatt and your f2p.

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He sucks. He really really sucks. Oh dear god how bad he sucks lol.


Koa is just what scopley wanted. The 1st 6* shield that generates $$$$. One in my region did 7 big pulls for him and im sure thats low for some other regions. He is a must have like all premier toons for whales.

Good or bad people will still drop a mortgage payment in attempts to get him.

I pulled for Koa. Got him. Already planning his devastation alongside Carl, Wyatt, and Aris.

  1. Extra HP
  2. Extra Def
  3. AP down on defense

Don’t level AR/active skills.

Bam, bam. Done. Annihilation.


Give koa this wep…

With carl lead… he would be so hard to kill

The last thing you want to give him is AP. Rather give him 35% def special, 35 def, 30 hp assuming the weapon has 30def to start.


What u meant was this


Pretty much. Id rather have 35 def instead of 35 hp but awesome weapon nonetheless!

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If I had to picture the right team to go with koa in my opinion I say rosita lead(absoulte defense with huge ap when attacking or my favorite is put a 8% bonus ap weapon on her) with Maggie(same weapon suggestion as rosita) Glenn(stun on attack) and shiva(stun on attack ,35 defense and huge ap when attacking) and koa with the weapon I ss but instead of 35 hp I would go 35 defense.

That weapon I made for my Jesus shield back when five stars was relavent his defense was crap so I made up with just going with hp which turn out better for him at the time.