For anyone pulling With Christmas money


What promo/toon are you waiting to pull for? 1,10 or 40 pull?


Something that is not this game.


I mean in this game


And I’ll reply again. Something that isn’t in this game cause there are better things then the poo odds they’ll put out so they can maximize the money coming in with .00001 chance for a payout.


Then refrain from Posting on this forum. I intend to find out whose pulling,which promo there pulling on and what increments there pulling. Thank you and have a Happy Holiday season


New garrett.


What increments will you pull in if I may ask?


^ (seven characters)


I second, third and fourth this. I do think you are being too generous on the odds.


I disagree,in my lifetime of this game I’ve done 6-7 10 pulls and 4 of them have wielded the 5* I was pulling for


Not the case with everyone. This is pure gambling.


I understand,I do believe the odds are better than .1% more like 5-10%


4 of 6 for the 5s you wanted! Don’t believe it. That is 67% of the time. I have seen numerous pulls of 1, 10 and 40 get all 3s.

If you are truly that lucky, buy several lotto tickets and then this game.


How many pulls will i make?


I shit you not,to bad all of them cept 1 is useless now lol


Yeah 7 char rule


LOL!!! You’re trippin if you think the odds are 5%, go watch the youtube videos where people do 120 pulls for a promo and get shafted. This was even before the so called “Guaranteed” 5* after 40 pulls. I remember watching someone do 120 pulls and only getting a single 5* ( Not only not the promo ) But a pretty useless 5* even before the 6* meta.


It’s luck based,not rigged


i held back on all the christmas cards cause tbh i just dont like the way they look, especially shiva. yes it was on a choice of looks with them lol. the ones im waiting for is new garrett, and return promos of erika and alpha. i want a tower team with erika and i wanted to try utilizing a triple alpha setup with dwight lead, just need one more.


Still horrible odds no matter how you slice it. 120 pulls for me would equal $400+ dollars. I personally can think of 100,000’s of other ways to spend $400, then wasting it on shit or a less then 1% chance of getting anything. Its all you cash cowboys filling scopleys pockets so you can get a roster of 3* or 4* with the seldom 5*.

It’s no wonder nothing changes for anyone, too many people with more money then brains. Watching people spend $100’s of dollars on sr refills so they can finish first and get their 10k nuggets. Its actually sad to watch.