For all who asked for more factions events scopely gives u the finger lol

No factions events next week except war so everything become clear now, this company just wasting our ■■■■■■■ time telling we’re survivors


The lack of fac event does have me wondering whats going on, @GR.Scopely any info on why so little fac events as of late?


Faction events don’t generate spending like solo events do. So in order to increase profits in a game that’s being killed with shit events and poor coding it’s more solo than faction.


We know that but it’s been almost 2 months they haven’t run any faction event making us wonder y we r even in a faction in the first place

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Scopley don’t care about team work cause besides war teamwork don’t make them money. This free game is only about one thing now and that’s how much they can get with as little as they will give.


:scream::scream::scream: i believe you just solved it lol

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It’s our fault somehow we show them care. that’s how they gain power over us and treating us like garbage, we should stand together and give ourselves some value

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The prizes and Rewards have been horrible for the last few faction events so who cares.

Yup, I believe he did. :joy:
Faction events would make them money if they made the rewards on par or better than solo events.
Rn they’re just not worth the effort but, if they were worth the effort it would bring in that “Social Pressure to Spend” they’re so fond of.
Oops sorry, that make too much sense, forgot where I was for a second. Ahem, I mean Reeeeeeee

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@How2Zombies - This week the game team has decided to run solo based events but they will consider the feedback of faction event for the following week. Of course, I am pushing for more Faction events based on all the community request.



And also Scopely is counting how much are they giving away. I mean 300 collectibles to 30 guys is 9000. For several factions. On the other hand in solo you’ll have just top-2 players. That’s around 1500 collectibles. Per region.

Moreover people also tend to spend more on themselves then their factions.

Agreed and it ideal lot more rife as there has been so many gates that has lost them crazy amounts of profit and they have to earn in back some way and as usual in the worst way possible

This week and every week

Hope these upcoming faction events include more than just yawn-slaught

Don’t think so. Faction ranking is essentially fixed for all the placements that matter. And few people will spend a lot of resources to move up a spot or two and get the same rewards. Even if they made the scaling by rank less strong, it wouldn’t matter; better to save resources and win a couple of solos with the same effort. Except for war and onslaught, faction events are a waste of time [ETA: in my opinion, to make this clear].

You’re entitled to your own opinion.

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He just copy & past answers lol he say that everytime, check other threads

@GR.Scopely dont forget to add choices box on events

Idk maybe if the rewards for faction events was better maybe people would spend more on faction events than solo cause 650 cakes for 1st in fac level up is ridiculous

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It’s 650 per person, so 19500 in total. That’s much, much more already than solos, which are 3000 total, and we haven’t even looked at second rank.