For a forum full of supposedly disgusted players, you guys sure do spend a lot. Discuss


Constant bugs during wars
Wanderer nerf
Lucky Tokens converting into 1 supply marker
This latest Year 3 promo for only Select players

Does any of it really change anything the players do? Be honest


Not to mention the blame on addiction and the company rather than their own personal decisions…


It hasn’t really… but honestly this one will. Why would I continue to spend when all the characters I’ve spent for are now in a wheel that’s fairly accessible? They will do it again, so instead of having an edge for a couple months with a promo toon, just gonna wait for a wheel lol. PERSONALLY I won’t be spending any more. The offer fiasco really is just a big dump on the player base, especially the long time players. I hope people really do just stop spending because of it.


It’s always been a game of chance, I accept that and have never complained aginst it. My gripe is with inept tech support. They have made over 160 million in in app purchases but tech support is actually regressing and becoming less helpful. I’d like to think my complaint is extremely fkin valid.


I think its pretty normal for junkies to complain about their dealers




There is a small percentage of players constantly complaining. Most of those players are self described free to play, they are also the first to say they will never spend again and call for bans on spending.

Most of the community is moderate to low spending and aren’t crybabies and don’t comment on much because of the noobs that will jump all over anything they say.


@pregolori made a great post about this in the michonne nerf thread. I’ll try to find it later


Honestly, most of the whales aren’t on the forum. Mostly f2p or moderate spenders. I bet the percentage of players on here who are p13 are very low.


So, everyone calm now? Completely gotten over

99cent offer-gate


Nope as its already been said this forum has a very small percentage of the players. Check line or discord.


Also, neither are “curated” by mods.


Good point.

Moderators have been pretty aggressive in the past on angry threads.





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