For 25 dollars a month does that include good customer service


@JB.Scopely I’m just wondering that if ur company is expecting us to pay this kind of money a month to play the game then we expect much much better customer service because the current customer service is a joke and when u have a problem u have no way of contacting a supervisor directly or more to request there help because a lot of the customer service people just completely ignore 3/4 of ur problem and just give u an automated answer a lot of times that has nothing to do with the actual problems at hand


Keep surviving lol


They have yet to fix one issue I have reported or even compensated for them.


Woah there you’re already asking for too much


I’d be fine with cs staying how it is if the rest of the game was fixed. In it’s current state, it’s incredibly broken. I think that is the biggest problem many of us have with this subscription malarkey.


nah the customer service package costs an extra 75$


Nah it wouldn’t be that cheap.


How about fix a few glitches, like crashing SR, before extorting the fan base…

Novel concept, eh @JB.Scopely?



if you want some improvements

No need to ask anything they always know just refuse to do

Simply stop spending
No matter money or time

Until things get resonated again(?)


i agree.

Just stop spending




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