For $20 this offer should not have 50k food

The only way this offer should have food in it, is if it was a bag\crate with x10 2.2 million food.
Otherwise people are spending $60 for 150k of food.


Things costing money should not be rng.


What is crazy is you can buy full food for $50 in coins.


this would not happen if dum dum players would not buy it food is very easy to have so much of always

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Or maybe is Scopely was competent?
Come on Kook, your trolling side is showing.

how is this trolling to you if they can sell it they will and you know that dum dum players are buying this

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The fact you’re calling people dum dums is pretty trolly if you ask me.
I remember you used to act a bit more professional than this.
Are you retiring the Scopely knight act now?

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It did not show up when writng this up.

No worries. More publicity on this pathetic offer lol

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I agree but people are so close maybe that they get caught up clicking without checking. Scopley bread and butter

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pay more attention here if you want to speak like a authority

Damn. My boy Kook is getting more assertive now.

Scopley is really taking players United with these amazing offers.

He was never professional. He is a shamplay employee.

Maybe, but he was usually above namecalling lol

Are you nuts? Is it was just a price to buy, FTP couldn’t compete at all and spenders would just buy each toon. The RNG is what levels the field just a little. The solution is giving a ceiling before a toon is guaranteed, like a stash basically.

That’s an offer I can and will refuse…

what is that Master Kookie? :roll_eyes:

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