Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice etc


So the schedule is showing a one day FLUT wedged between this weekends SLUT/FRT and a one day SRT. However because faction members have lost points making preparations (YGLs) for the last 2 FLUTs that never happened they are gun shy to do so again. Is this intentional?


So basically the employees mistook sluts for a schedulimg system interesting conspiracy


SLUTS: this a classic case of acronyms gone bad. Lmao. Gotta love them sluts


Always a good idea


FRT is almost another good one

Don’t wanna be behind when a FRT comes along…


My forlorn hope is an increase in the use of this acronym might eventually SLUT shame the powers that be. Highly unlikely but fun to read. Perhaps we can refer to the SLUT/FRT combos as quiffs.


This SLUT-FRT that we just encountered has left a foul taste in my mouth.
The SLUT started way before the FRT. I’d prefer if the SLUT FRT started at the same time so we could get some food for the SLUT.
As we all know, SLUTS swallow… a lot of food. We needed the food earlier.


I snorted loudly on the bus.
Well played