Fook me games dead RIP

3 years of my life on this…
I don’t regret it cos I’ve met some of the best people, all over the world
But scopes fookin ell ya a piss take!!!
Big up morgan region crew and tally where I shall leave my rotting British arse.
Much love xxxxxxxxx cept for scopes I wanna refund!



Need to rage on a supervisor for google or apple and you will get them funds back, i did and many have, its easy esp since they know a lot of crap scopes pulls

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I’ve had a few. Like most I spent my lovely pounds on 5* I dread to think of how much I’ve wasted lol


Those words made me think of this from Archer. :laughing:


I remember getting my badass 5* teams and then 6* came out and now stat boosted 6* with insane rushs, glad i stopped and got every penny back, never again for any company esp scopely


I’m watching snatch now.


Brillo pads x

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RIP pal. At least you’ve met some good folk. A lot of peeps are the same the now.

A lot of peeps are the same now… I swear a lot of people in this game are bots, not talk crap, like i have a conspiracy theory they are really bots

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It’s stale. Constant shite. If ya don’t spend ya punished, if u ain’t sucking off top fac shit rewards…can’t win ma little petal x


I know a good few folks the now packing it in. Few spenders too. P13’s

True story. Slowly becoming a P2P game. Plus the end rewards aren’t even worth paying for. That’s what last war done if ya didn’t finish too anyway or hit 20k. Lol. Enjoy life haha x

I do not think I even got 20k, even though I was in a lot. I think of myself as a filler, a fluffer like in a porno, just there to make the numbers up hard, but I can’t hit fook all! Aha x


Best of luck to what you choose next. Miss you.

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Later dude…have fun in what you do

Damn lucy its about time thou. Hit me in the DMs if you ever looking for some kinky filler talk like the old days.

Good luck to you

big wet XXXXX

This was a northern British accent right? Or am I reading it with the wrong voice in my head

Game isn’t dead just yet. I’ll put bets on 2020 though unless the mobile market is so bad theirs no competitors which is possible. Once somebody makes a bigger budget twd game like this one it’ll be lights out though.

It’s like someone said some guys have invested too much time and money to just get up and leave. Good bye. Maybe you’ll find better games.