Foods/Gears token question (Update 9.2)

Hi everyone,

Can someone (from Beta I guess) post the resell value for the gear equipment with the new update?

Which item will now be sold for token and which will still be sold for food?

That would be very helphul.

Beta is to test things like this, not to give an early indication. Not to disappoint you, but regardless of what the Beta prices were/are, we won’t know the final prices until it goes live on all servers.


Good to see that most gear is now worth more.

Hopefully the extra food will compensate the early onset arthritis from buying hundreds of the 150k food packages in order to level up a 6 star.

Only 350 purchases needed per 6 star!


Does anyone have refills in their supply depot? Wonder if they removed them. I have just about all trainers and 4/5* toons

Same, got some extra raid cans


You still have the limit of 110M / refresh.
Thats where theyre going to attempt the milking.

This new depot tentatively seems like a good thing. Just looking at Act 1 of the daily roadmap, you get leather glove/compass/ammo belt/hiking boot. Under the old system, you get 27.3k food each, so all 4 together is 109,200 food.

Under new depot, you get 210 points, which you can redeem for 140k food.

Maybe better for food but certainly not for gear

Its such a damn run around.

Mine refreshed and had world refills in :ok_hand:

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Sell a school bag, 2250

Purchase a school bag, 13,000

That is why this was and is a bad idea.

considering im getting 2-3 bags i cant use a week those bags/walkiesare banked food or shortchanged gear for me. One briefcase is mow 500k food, one sb is 1.5 million.

Its not quite the clusterfuck i expected even if its not what is most desireable.

I think you’re just looking at this wrong.

Yes, if you want to sell a bag, and then buy it back again, you’re going to lose. The point is for people who have 10 walkie’s but no school bags.

If you don’t want to trade in any gear, then don’t do it. You couldn’t do it before so this doesn’t change anything.

This does change how you get food for gear though, which is for the better in terms of food return. So I’m not sure how people can complain, other than that there’s some extra steps to take now, or if you just don’t like change.

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I like change but for the better, and this new depot does effect people who do not want to trade just for the fact that some players will undermind their opinions when they ask for the farmable map.