Food Run again..and again


Why must we keep doing this??


They are busy on vacation with all our money bruh they will respond so,etc,e in 2018


We must go through this because the rewards are awesome.


You mean Oceanside’s with increasing energy costs for terrible rewards, kingdom story with increasing energy and mediocre rewards, ulitimate gear non farmable forced to waste energy on first part of the map and then 2 food maps is a problem?

The solution is simple just use the world energy refills you got from the last war, wait, what, there are no energy refills in the last war. Well maybe scopley will have some kind of world energy offer up, oh they do?! Oh I love a coincidence.

Keep survi…


Are you low on characters?


I think most of us are extremely low on morale for this game, and Scopely ditching out year end and letting the RNG machine take over all operations is not exactly something that boost morale.


People have been complaining about lack of food, this is their fix.