Food Resolution - Great For Scopely And Players

@CombatMan , @CombatDevIl , @kalishane , @Shawn.Scopely

One of the easiest ways to resolve food lack in the game to meet new Meta would be an easy fix to the amount of food a player gets from raiding a bot. Make the minimum for example @ 80,000 or even 50,000

This would encourage players to spend more on a regular basis on raid refills and ofcorse raid tournaments will surely have more engagement.



Selfish Bump :wink:

This would be nice. Iā€™m in the top 100 rank and mostly only face bot teams so rarely get a chance for a decent amount of food

Yup more food

Even if they would give us the amount of food that they currently give wood and simply swap the two because anywhere we normally get a lot of wood and switch to get more food than wood in all world map roadmap lvls and etc would be the easiest fix imo but I too would like to see an exchange rate for wood to food and it should be no less than 2:1

all above ideas are more than welcome, its sad how many easy fixes are possible then despite that we are yet to see one ;(