Food is soo scarce! Give us better ways to get food!


How the heck do you expect us to compete in level up tournament? Food is scarce in this game, and I hate how I have to sell important gear and weapon materials just to level up toons. This is some bs. Instead of releasing toons every week, how about putting out the story missions, fixing the bugs, and giving better ways to get food. The food XP roadmap sucks and doesn’t give that much food!


Lol who wants to wait a day for food? I have maxed farms and everything so waiting doesn’t help.


Scopes be like: “the players need more food, let’s help 'em out: throw some food bags in the shop.”


This is some bs. Haha need 20 more shirts for Dwight, so I’m going yo save my Zeke for the final solo level up next week.


Lol he just said that. Did you really have to repeat that? XD


He already mentioned that was the reason nobody can level up.


You right. You right.