Food bags!? Poll included!


Who here likes food bags being a milestone reward or prize of anykind? I hate them. such a waste of reward. What is the communitys thoughts?

  • I love food bags!
  • Food bags are stupid!

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Let me defend my vote. I like them because unlike making high and deluxe replenish, I get to keep ALL the food in those bags and they can sit in my inventory for as long as I need. And I have over 10 million of food stored in those bags (if not more) from completing tasks I would do regardless if those bags were there.


But wouldn’t you rather have a bunch of 4-star weapon tokens or anything that’s harder to come by instead of that food as a reward? Food is not that hard to come by now since they added it in the depot.


I feel you in that aspect. I just feel for instance, during this sr tournament instead of food bags something else could take that reward spot. Like they used to offer a refill tank for completing bronze stages.


I guess they could just give us wood. Lol


I agree, it should be trainer, bag, can


Tbh, food was never hard to come by. People just didn’t manage their resources or available outlets better.


This is also true, I have never “run out” per se, but an over abundance is welcome.


While I wouldn’t say I LOVE food bags, I certainly disagree that they are useless, they’re very handy for tier upgrades etc, and prevent you losing 50% of the food stored, as with high replenish. Of course there are things I would RATHER have, particularly that SR can for completing bronze, or 4* weapon or even toon tokens (4* can be useful on SR, plus it’s ascension fodder at worst.


For everything but wood that is. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Honestly, they should just turn food bags into gear markers. It does the same thing but also gives us an option to buy the occasional nvg or scope on top of all that food.


I wish a higher amount of food was offered in the milestones though. That gets you about 5 levels at T4 for a 5 star. It’s roughly about 1.8M offered for 3-4hours of raiding roughly? It wouldn’t hurt at all upping that to say 7-8M.


There are other ways to get gear markers, farm the radio maps and you get plenty and use up those useless radios collecting dust. And 100K food is redundant when I can pop one bag for 800k in less time of claiming 200k from that depot. Don’t get me wrong, love the depot, but I like the food bags too. Each milestone for every tournament should have three rewards


I still wonder why this is not more the case for most milestones. They really should give more of those gear marker. They did it in some events (mostly wars if i’m not mistaken) and they’re great comparing to foods or random items because with markers, you can choose what you want to spend them on depending on what you need. It would be like the event we’re having where we can choose what we want from the museum depending on our needs. Loving this rn ^^


Gear markers>food bags


You can obtain gear every day (4 days a week for Ultra), more gear then the depot sells.


I meant for buying food. The amount of gear markers usually turns into more food than what’s in the bags.


Costs 2,775 markers to equal what the food bags are right now in the SR tourney. Why not use both? why can we have both?

I do agree with @Wanderer that the amount of food should be more, at least double each bag


Yea I’d be fine with them if they had more food in them. In the 6 star era the amount given is very low compared to what’s needed.


I would trade the bags for Legendary Medals lol


Yesss see now were getting somewhere trade food bags for medals!!