Food Bags or maybe something?

I’m really full on the food between the bags the training grounds and the battle items saved over time maybe we can switch them out with other Rewards or maybe every other reward. I just never had so much food lately.

I welcome having food in road maps and milestones for level ups pepole who don’t rely on scav missions it’s a welcome addition. The forums spoke loudly at lack of food with increase of not just level ups but 6* in general. I don’t think they should be prizes but milestones and road map completions is a nice addition. Unfortunately scopley takes words of forums and has a way of making it opposite of what’s really bring asked for. LIke having gear as prizes …police shields and things like that should not be prizes. They should he on a regular gear map not this daily cap that u can’t farm gear.


I think I grind too much I guess I don’t need them food bags

Thats what we got from people complaining about not enough food. Prizes replaced with food. Fokkn noobs. Food is always available, everywhere. :rage:


I am far from a noob. I grind very regular and I don’t rely on scavenger missions to level. All the level ups previous wiped my resources including the 365 days i had on legendary tg. So being a noob has absolutely nothing to do with it

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I imagine u will use the food bags. All the 5* t4 being worth 7k a level I used them all in 1 level up to come in top 10. So not sure but maybe yr in a noob region

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Just stop it the amount of food bags that came out of the blue or way more than what’s needed I save in every corner possible theis last level up brought me down to a hundred days in my training grounds. There’s been double road maps for food. Come on there’s way too much food in sight now

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OK lol have a good new year

I like the food bags.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t like selling all of my gear, items and replenish to level up a toon.


I guess I should have said I’m not at all bothered by the food bags but maybe it should be split up between food bags and other Rewards. Now that faction assault has come about doing the routine daily grinding for materials and food and survivors is in need now regardless. If we had gotten all this food because they listen to the forums then maybe some other stuff will change

Or get rid of Ghosting.

Horrible thread. Needs to be deleted before scopely sees it. Smh…


I love it. Keep bringing on the food, it goes away as fast as I get it.

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I have over 2million + food and nothing to level up bring back 5* tokens please scopley

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f**ing food bag…after ultra rear gears they are serving food bags…tomorrow someone cry on woods and they wil bring woods as milestones… we need lilith, ulysses…benedict more often than food, ultragear, silver and bronze radios… and not to mention ascendence and legendary medals…

Yes an increase in food production is the obvious answer but this was a good start in at least showing they are listening to what we need. They have still made some huge mistakes that we could go on for days about but I have no issue with all the food bags and not having to sell everything I own for food. However I don’t think that food bags should take away from another prize. They think a food bag and a trainer is good. They could have added the 3rd slot in milestones instead of being greedy and acting like adding Santa medallions, robots, or even small amounts of nuggets is too much I never understand how they think certain things are worth soooo much more then they are. They keep screwing themselves. People are less likely to bother when they have same things over and over or completely replace 1 thing and then flood another. They are like addicts and don’t know a medium lol. So yes we need food but that doesn’t mean we don’t also need tokens. It’s like they take something we are desperate for and make it worth way more then it’s true value.

And no I won’t stop it :stuck_out_tongue:

Just stock up again then. Food is everywhere. Also you are from Morgan, lol. We have 2200+ more active players and our rank 50’s would teach your topfacs how to score. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

food is always a need and no harm done on stocking while you can. You can never know when a famine will hit :slight_smile:

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True next week there won’t be any food at