Follow-Up Morgan Video


Double Tap has been finally introduced into the game TWD RTS style. Morgan puts that gun sitting on his back to good use once he eliminates his enemies by his own doing. Let’s talk about him!

What do you all think about this Morgan? Will you pull for him?

BIG THANKS to @Wanderer for the Raid Footage.


Great thorough review. Happy to assist.

State of Morgan in that video

Was tier 3

Middle of road mods I had on Aiko

Weapon not altered.

I love running aiko with a defense down like Spencer/Laura. Morgan is a drop in replacement for her with alot of upside.


I stopped watching 2 minutes in…fuckkk that double tap is ridiculous :neutral_face::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:

I won’t call him OP but his attack game is beyond ridiculousness…


Still RNG limiting. As stated, nice upside but shouldn’t plan on it.

The first video in there was a Mirabell lead so was a bit soft, mid range team. We were trying to show the chain of events which was actually the first attempt lol.

Later video is a more normal higher level play where I tried to kill hersh at opening round and failed to do so.

I think he’s a good premier for both top tier and mid tier rosters as you don’t need alot of assets around him. You can’t say that about everyone.


How is the bonus action…confused by that…


You mean follow up?

It’s just another use of that toon.

If you kill a toon it triggers and you essentially get to go again. Your not forced into any atk or use order which is similar to how command functions but with no downside to it (unlike command where you lose next move).

Weapon ap gain makes it ridiculous but not triggering is as often as triggering so good and bad runs will happen. We aimed to show the extreme case though I didn’t get a rush rush command rush cause he fell short of the last weapon proc =-(.

He’s so damn squishy I use a sheild to keep the mess off him.

I honestly didn’t realize the focus until I saw trolly’s video. And the use of active to kill a toon to get the weapon proc and bonus action surprised me. Thought that might not work.

The one scenario we didn’t show is if you command him then rush and kill. The follow up action takes care of the command cool down. So he can be ready next turn. So that’s also an option.


Nice…thank you both for this…very detailed and helpful. Now…if only I had the toon lol. Will sleep on it and consider another pull later lol.


Can’t wait to try him out!


Damn @Miia. You raining premiers these days.