Follow up morgan blue

Morgan’s active is giving ap, but not applying maim damage.

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Yes many have reported this issue I believe. Though I doubt the company will fix this any time soon.

:frowning::frowning: thanks for the heads up.

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They’ll fix it next time a maim character goes on premier… but only for Maimers received after the fix :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


Never fear, they fixed Pam’s tutor…about 4 months after the event that caused the problem where the response was to completely neuter the old and never complained about before toon across the board rather than apply a targeted fix…so expect Morgan to be “as intended” whenever the first patch after February or so hits. Keep surviving :wink:

Morgan also still crashing roadmaps and terris lots when he ars at the end, making the last walker untargetable, wasting wood and energy

yep, until morgan is fixed, do not use him in anything except pvp.

Wait, they’re not fixing this as fast as possible like they did with Andrea? My heavens, I’m shocked. Utter disbelief

Wait they didn’t fix this as fast as the Andrea issue where they had to downgrade her and then “compensate” all with their “equivalent” gear and stuff to all the accounts that were affected? But fixing Morgan’s game mechanics is more difficult coding???

Seems legit.

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