Folding Accounts


Hi Team,
I have one main and one low Account at Tuscalosa. Is it planned that i could both Accounts fold together?
It will be clean the Server, too.
Thanks for your help.
Thorsten / Fenrir
Fraktion leader immer feste drauf


They don’t allow this as it would give new players competitive edge to players joining new regions with max teams weapons ect ect

Keep on surviving :+1:t2:


Hope they feature low accounts to merge with higher ones…


You cant merge your roster and items with other accounts. This would be a huge way to cheat.


Yes, it can be a way to cheat but if you will cheat, you can do this in another way. During the crw i fight against 1 player from Russia and within 1 minute he got 4k points. This is cheating.


There is a difference between cheating and hacking or modding a game and playing it on the PC.


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