Focusing on My Next S-Class Toon

I wouldn’t mind :wink:

That is it currently. In the Future, Sheldon will be replaced by Daiyu.

Mercer is good and you can get his cards from war crates. I haven’t seen the hype for hengyen…Raul does exceptional in bleed teams. Good for FA and SR. And pete teams. Aarav is a monster. Altho less of one since Angel. Wangfa has been very handy with the crosshairs. I use him a lot.

Some teams I threw together.

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Daiyu is actually really good. Idk why more ppl aren’t into her.

Thanks! Seems like Raulito is a toon i should focus on through the daily torch maps and Mercer from war and other crates.

Thanks for sharing. Appreciate it!

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Hope it helps a little any way. 💁💁

Frost is amazing too. This is the team I use.

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