Focus To Legendary - Focus II

An idea so that focus gets an upgrade to legendary status as did guardian and other skills:

  1. Focused toons cant get stunned / impaired / blocked by abs defense / confused … etc.
  2. If plagued prior to focus - toons wont be healed - positive effect only activated after the skill is.
  3. while farming focused melee toons can kill walkers behind roadblocks.

Feel free to add to it if I missed something

If this gets enough likes - ill tag kalishane

Happy holidays everyone

Focus is predominantly a ruah effect…effects like Guardian and Collateral Damage were specialist traits, and receiving a buff as a six star just made sense to a degree.

what? are you serius xD god mode=focus? nope

If u think of it for a second ull see that as much op as it sound it aint - the starting cooldown and the cooldown could be made in a way to ensure that.

I can see what u guys are implying to though.

Still i think lowering the rng effect in a battle would still be better than what it is now knowing that with stun in active skill - god mode has already been activated dont u think?

No stun is a tool not a God mode you can take away stun whether it’s from a active skill or a adrenaline rush but focus you can not take away in fact focus can’t even be countered because it’s a counter to taunt and confusion and bypassing human Shields.

With a skill you ignore all kinds of altered state.
if it’s too much, I would believe you if you received a negative bonus -atk -def in a high%, but you just can not receive heal? If you do not have healer in your team, it does not affect you at all, do not you think?
I understand your idea and I share that they should change other skills but not in this way, we just need to work more in Focus 2