Focus on legancy toons scopes!


Scopes finish this fucking list finaly.Make those last 5 chars better than previus ones but NOT like duane…(worst 6* in game) make them good and strong.You dont have reason to tell us ,NO, so make it happen finaly.Carley can be 1st f2p revive toon or HS bcs we have 4 p2w HS and not even 1 f2p(same revive toons). @JB.Scopely plese do something about this.tell your boos or whoever leads Twd rts to change his politic about f2p players.


Hey Do you even English bro? That was painful to read :exploding_head:


What is a lagazcy toon?


Xd sorry i know im bad


not here to teach or learn egnlish,point is we need some good legacy toons. all previous release was crap. andrea,duane are the worst.


Andreas Great. What did you expect from her?


Damn. Almost three weeks since I left and no legacy? So much for that hot streak Scopes was on.


good miam damage and good ap.


Not if you use him right. He’s miles better than many of the crap 6★ who have been premiers


U actually wanted maim damage on her rush? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


NOT like duane…(worst 6* in game)

you obviously dont know how to use duane. -75% def is a guaranteed dead jesus/lydia. Dont just say a character is sht, because u dont know how to use them effectively.


So make them good???


Just posted this on another thread but I will post again…I love how people moan about legacy toons, F2P moan about how unfair and hard it is to play the game, yet now, more than ever F2P player are getting the chance to get premium toons with coins from leagues, anniversary pulls, halloweeen tokens…chances to get premium toons that people like myself pay for. F2P have never had it so good…you get more coins and chances now than you’ve ever had…appreciate it lol.


Honestly this game has never given so much away than it is right now. Scopely could give people like you 10 free premiums and an English dictionary and you would still moan because you never got 12 pulls and a thesaurus


“Tell your boos” lololol :joy:


yes 1.2k+ miam damage and 66 ap


No thanks I like my Andrea one shotting erikas


The answer why they won’t make legacy characters comparable to premiers is simple: Money. If legacy characters are even close in comparable strength to premiers what point is there in pulling?


LOL… the burden of paying for tunes, as scopely keeps trying to make them out of date.
I bet the initial 6* reveal had a lot of similar tune.

Odds of pulling one Magna-sheild… vs odds of pulling for Jesus-Ty-Magna-Lydia-Marlon
not sure a F2P will ever have the latter before the 7* era.