FLU instead of SR


So are we going to get a roadmap to collect nuggets and the Lillith that would have been for the double blitz wars that my region didn’t get? @kalishane


Your title and OP don’t seem to match. :rofl:

Another level up faction or solo seems kinda too soon imo.


NO MORE level ups! We got another one on the weekend. How about just award everyone 5k in wood nuggets and call it a day.


This is exactly what we got in Marion but no nuggets as prizes

You suck Scopely, seriously


At least you got somethin…


Looks like some “select” regions are just getting their weekly token event. Nothing to see here


I’d prefer to be seeing nothing myself if honest


@kalishane Is this a tournament we’re all getting or a limited region tournament different from the replacement one?


typical… what makes these regions so special I wonder?


Nothin’ on my server either.





You want the flu?

Just go chill at a bus stop and shake the hand of everyone you meet.

You’re welcome!


Something like this? It’s short but skip to 30 sec in. :grin:


More silence… this forum is an absolute waste of time and energy.


We got a blitz war going on!



That’s 100% bullshit. Marion would love a blitz over yet another level up


Make that double blitz wars for those regions with nuggets each time