Flaw in the new faction event milestones thingy

You know in normal faction events, like raiding and war, you need to get a minimum score to share faction rewards. Well this is missing from the faction milestone event.

I have one faction member (soon to be an ex-faction member) who hadn’t lifted a finger to contribute but is cashing in those coins.

Can you put a tweak in so that individuals have to, you know, take part, before they get the good stuff?

Thanks in advance :grin:


If you have someone who isn’t contributing and hasn’t explained themselves just kick them.


I will when war is over but I don’t think the game should be designed to give them free coins just for being in an active faction.

I mean they’re so mean about coins everywhere else…

You then run into a similar issue where if your teammates don’t get an attack in FA, they don’t get the FA rewards. Given that some of the event challenges can be completed fast(stronghold towers in war) it wouldn’t be fair to those that didn’t have time to participate to lose out on the rewards.

It’s simply a faction event; if there’s a leech, kick him then. If they get the prizes but put in no effort, it doesn’t really hurt you or anyone else.


FA is different. In my faction they get told when the assault starts and everyone does one small attack in the first 24 hours. We can control it more to make it fair. We don’t tolerate non-team p’ayers. They get the boot if the hog FA after the first warning.

I think a player’s rewards for these milestone events should be locked until they’ve scored somewhere in one of the events. The raiding and survival road challenges for example. Once a score has gone up somewhere, then the whole set of rewards earned so far unlocks. Simples.

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That’s the problem I’m highlighting. With this new event milestones, a faction can get 50 strongholds captured even before a player might have a chance because of how war is.

And I don’t mind the suggestion that rewards are locked until they contribute, but given that the rewards can be claimed once the objective is complete(as well as some of the token pulls adding towards other objectives) it would hurt factions more if it were locked out for members who couldn’t contribute and were kicked out. (Especially since we don’t know if progress resets for the player individually if they leave faction, etc)

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What? We’re talking at cross purposes.

All rewards are locked. A player will have plenty of time to score in some of the events. Iñoncw rgey put up a score in one, everything is unlocked.

I’ve answered your objection.

So they upgrade one 1* weapon and they good? Honestly there are plenty of bigger fish to fry then worrying about someone getting 100 coins.


At least they’ve made an effort. And it’s scopely’s fault for putting in a stupid milestone that we all achieved in 10 minutes. The point is reward should be for effort. At least when we got coins in leagues, we’d actually done something to get them.

Technically cashing in on the coin wheel is contributing to the bottom rung of missions, so they did contribute…

But that aside, not everyone lives eats and breathes RTS. It’s possible they had something going on keeping them from playing much. The event runs for 23 days and most of the missions aren’t getting completed overnight. So seems to me like you’re just looking for an excuse to boot someone.

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Are factions locked for the whole 3 weeks that’s this “faction event” is running?

I’m not sure

It seems to me you’ve missed the point.

Scopely are giving away hundreds of coins for someone doing absolutely nothing but logging in and pressing a button. It’s not usually scopely’s way. They are usually far more stingy and rewards should be for proper effort.

This is why this company can’t win. Because of posts like this. Everyone complains about the FA being ran this way, and now that they correct it… there is a post asking why players get a coin who didn’t do anything… I mean lighten up. Just be happy you got it. If they aren’t contributing kick them. Simple.


For months there’s been complaints on here that we don’t get enough coins. Like taking them away from rewards in leagues. Which is a justifiable complaint. Effort but no reward.

We should also complain when scopely give coins to people for free when they haven’t done anything to deserve them. If they’ve run their company properly, they should have budgeted loss from giving them away v gain to revenue for people buying more. If someone isn’t playing the game they won’t spend to get better so there’s no point giving them stuff for free.

This isn’t like a free toon giveaway where you have to log in every day. It’s just log in once and it’s literally raining gold.

If they didn’t have a silly free giveaway of the valuable game currency, there should logically be more coins in the pot for people who do do things. So we all lose out.

An apple a day will keep the complaints at bay :wink:.

Technically when they claim the tokens they are helping with one of the missions. You just want to feel justified in booting someone. I would worry more about war/raids etc then some silly little coins.

Why keep them in your faction if they really aren’t contributing.? Sounds like an internal faction issue that needs to be resolved. Not a Scopely issue.

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I will say again. Every other faction event is locked until you’ve contributed. These should be too.

So say every war a teammate goes for tower, but is just slower and not capturing them, or they raid a bunch, but always lose a toon. You say they should get no prize for those tasks since they would have a 0 despite trying to contribute?