Flash Roadmap is Back. Thank you again!

Just like the title another chance at legendary tokens and express tokens. Thank you!


I mean, do you really expect there to be one? I mean, if it was, imagine the uproar.

Either way, whether or not I get a legend out of this, at least RNG gods gave me another San Diego kiss.

From a Elite Character Token too. I expected my 4th Harlen this week.


Grats on the kitty!!! You are 1 cat closer to becoming the crazy cat lady :stuck_out_tongue:. I wasn’t sure what to expect for the weekend roadmaps and surprise events but I am happy with this. Gives me a good chance to do a decent sized pull on the wheel.



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I love the Flash maps, gives us the illusion of chance… But what is the most awesome is pulled Doug and Harlan with my ECT’s. So cool, I needed a 3,000th Doug to finish my collection of Misery. :smiley:


ya not the greatest event but something new thanks

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Ya thanks for the 4 stars amazing


I think there will probably be another 1 tomorrow

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@Vetramont LMAO. I love it. So what the hell shall we call you. Crazy Cat Duder? :stuck_out_tongue:.

I got this, you are basically this guy :


Modern day Ezekiel.

Well again No Purple Token, but I finally got the 4* Hershel for this
godforasaken collection, so I don’t have to invest 12k Supply Points, so
I’m okay with that


Sorry to hear about the first but good for the second. I have a feeling I wont be getting lucky this time around with the tokens but I will have to wait for the next event to come along and hope my RNG has better luck. Grats on whoever scored huge on this.

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I got a legendary token,kenny,tripp,and abe for 30 pulls it can go good or bad

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@Thatguybilly Soooooooooooooooooooo :smiley: who did you get with your legendary token? I have to know! haha

i got a gator
which i did want for a leader and walker stages



Good Luck. I really I get atleast Tye or Jean, if I can’t get Token or a 5*