Flash roadmap crate (poll)

If you choose purple token, screen shot or it didn’t happen :slight_smile:

  • Gold token
  • Purple token

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In the other thread it’s been all gold tokens so far lol

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@kalishane please comment on this it not fair for this type of game


At this point, I will assume anyone who votes purple without a valid and timestamped photo is fibbing. :grinning:

Still don’t see how giving everyone one lousy purple for beating that roadmap would have killed them.

Scopely there is still time. Please consider giving everyone one shot at a 6-star. Thanks.


So far 32 voters, 100% Express Tokens.

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Can’t prove it so obviously hasn’t happened but 2 guys in my faction got purples. Results of the pulls were zeke and lucas

Only one I wouldn’t want from the wheel is another Negan.

Fucking Christ. I don’t care about screenshots. I wholesomely believe that one person got a Legend Token. 99 to 1. Those are the odds I expected.


Oh stop your complaining and start getting a goodnights rest i order to survive.

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Looks like you hit the wrong button by mistake. @Absolute-Unit Otherwise pics or it didn’t happen. Also looks like a fresh Account some employee made.

Don’t talk to me.

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Woot. Not from roadmap directly but first stash pull.

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So far, 100% have gotten gold. That 1% is a lie. So 86 voters, I bet the chances is 1.5% because they probably added ‘increased chances’

.01% chance at the purple token I’d guess.

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Remember the day’s where we had events where EVERYONE had a good chance of getting good Toon’s & stuff? Wish those events would make a come back. Does anyone at Scopely or the other place even play this game? If so we want proof.

Didn’t take the photo with tokens, but red Rosita is in my roster.

Same, but with Rosita instead of Vincent.

Got a good roster going for you, congrats on the pull.


Absolute unit joined 13 h ago and this poll was posted 14h ago so he’s clearly a scopely employee :male_detective:️‍♂️