Flare Guns for Tara


Please Scopely

Sell the Flare Guns in invasion storage!


Assault depot


Yes sell em plz or just sell em in offers


I’ve never seen her ever in raids, wars, or anything/


Pretty sure she’s only used for attack I know I’m only gonna use my Tara for attack


She doesn’t even look that bad.


No she’s pretty good at least I think so


You only need 13 more to be able to use her! Kinda stupid how many of them flare guns you need.

You gonna 6* her when you get the one you need now knowing how many you actually need to bring her up to useable


Yeah my plan is to try and use her at t1 6* since I only need 1 more flair for that hopefully mods can make her somewhat good at t1i really just want her lead skill and I know Andrea is the same lead skill but she can’t hold a stun gun lol


Tara is another well thought out reward for the dedicated hard working players…

Oh, wait scratch that. Made obsolete after less than a year. Almost no one has her and the ones who do cant use her because she requires a billion flares. Genius design.

They could put the flares for sale in the FA and League store but nope. Same can be said about the earings. At this point who cares she far from op.


i took my tara from epic to legend. once she hit legend i was already putting her into rotation. she really is that good if you have the support to go around her. right now shes t2 max and need one more flare to bring her t3. mods make up the difference. why do i like her? she takes jeremiahs place plus she heal reduces as an active. once you start using that to combat hard defenses. its hard to say heal reduce is bad.

all stun setup


I need one more for T3. Shes op vs carl teams


@JB.Scopely. Pls send this requisition to developers!

We need more flares !


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