Flare guns (Fifteen)

Can we get Flare Guns in the Depot, or league store already? I have no issue getting Tara, I’ve foddered quite a few, but flare guns seem to evade me, and others that I know.


Agree mine is only tier 2 6* from a five star ascendable and I only habe one spear flare gun smh

Since it started, I managed to have enough for getting her Tier 3, but then will need the rest to T4 her

Might aswell cause no one buys the 5* or 4*'s in FA should make it one at a time tho

Im stuck with a T2 Tara too… and have fodder 3 5* tara. How long has FA been out? Why make the toons so hard to level.

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About a year an a half i believe

I’m ambivalent to it now. She’s pretty much outdated even if she was fully maxed.


Take mine, i can’t get her at all

Quite True

Actually she still an awesome toon especially with green heavys around. I need 1 more flare to t4 her. But still use her as lead on my red squad and she hits like a truck, def down, and gives 100% heal reduction which has saved me in the past. Her and decap sandy are lethal together


I’ve gotten 5… 5… in the entire time this feature has been out. How ridiculous. Not even a six star yet.

What’s worse than that is there are people that have 15 flare guns and no tara

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I :heart: Tara

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Run alert tara and blue tara from last season, add some sandy decap and watch the enemy fall. Im still shocked sometimes at the damage they do.

:thinking: Scopely loves money yet they don’t sell flare guns. Very strange.

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It’s probably why people even run this miserable event. If players could buy flare guns then there wouldn’t even be a point anymore. The rewards are so horrible. Grind for week for a basil.

Very true. I just save up mine and wait for Lilith to go on sale. Don’t see any other use for the FA tokens. Leagues took care of the gear.

It would be nice if we could use extra Tara’s to increase her tier instead. I’m a couple earrings shy of running a full team of just Taras. Yet flare guns are impossible to get.

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I finally got her 2 weeks ago. Only had enough flareguns to get her to tier 3 5* though

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